River City Casino Extinguisher Training

On June 14th the Lemay Fire Protection District's "B" Crew met with River City Casino staff members to learn how to properly operate the different fire extinguishers within the casino.  The proper use of a fire extinguisher along with early detection of a fire can prevent a small fire from getting out of control.

Using the PASS mnemonic is a fast, easy way to remember how to properly deploy a fire extinguisher.  PASS stands for Pull (pull the pin that locks the handle), Aim (aim the nozzle at the base of the fire), Squeeze (squeeze the handle to discharge the extinguishing agent), and Sweep (sweep the nozzle from side to side, to cover the fire).  Using this technique maximizes the amount of fire that can be put out with an extinguisher.

Always remember when to evacuate the building and to call 911.  If a fire is to large or growing to rapidly evacuate the building using the fire escapes and the stairs, never use the elevators.  If you or your business are interested in conducting an on site fire extinguisher training please contact the Lemay Fire Protection District by clicking here.


Spotlight Firefighter of the Month-June

Engineer Steve Frierdich started his firefighting career as a reserve firefighter with the Affton Fire Protection District in the mid 1980’s. After graduating in the 14th class at the St. Louis County Fire Academy, Engineer Frierdich started working at the Riverview Fire Protection District. Shortly after, he was hired on at the Community Fire Protection District.  Engineer Frierdich grew up in South St. Louis City and ran a paper route as a young teenager within the Lemay area. Engineer Frierdich yearned to work in the area he was familiar with. His first day on the job at the LFPD was August 8, 1990.  At the time, a gallon of gas was $1.09, a movie ticket was $2.75, and the national average cost for a new car was $6,495.

​Steve Frierdich started his career as a private and was promoted to engineer in June of 2004.  Engineer Frierdich’s passion for the fire service started at a young age as he watched his stepfather work his way up the ranks within the St. Louis City Fire Department before retiring as the St. Louis City Fire Marshal.  Presently, Steve is one of four Lemay firefighters who was stationed at the original fire house at the corner of Erskine Ave and Orient Ave.

On his days off, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife of 22 years, Denise, his two sons, and four year old grandson. Furthermore, Steve is a first generation cattle rancher out of Saint James, Missouri, an avid Harley rider, and a Mustang enthusiast. Engineer Steve Frierdich says that being a Lemay firefighter has been a complete honor and it has been a privilege to have served the people of Lemay for so many years. His favorite quote is “enjoy the ride, four wheels move the body, two move the soul, and God bless.”

24/7 Emergency Assistance

The Lemay Fire Protection District consists of one pumper/rescue fire truck, one advanced life support ambulance, and one command vehicle, operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Lemay Fire Protection District works in conjunction with Central County Emergency 911, utilizing the most advanced computer aided dispatching system to serve the residences of Lemay and South St. Louis County. However, this emergency response system only works if the patient has access to a phone to dial 911. With the advancements in technology, there is a solution. Many elderly patients or patients with disabilities are able to contact emergency services without actually dialing 911. This is done by using a 24/7 monitoring system. The patient wears a call button around his or her neck like a necklace. If the patient suffers from a medical emergency such as a fall and cannot reach the phone, the patient can simply push the emergency button. The emergency button contacts a dispatching center who can directly talk to the patient through a speaker located within the home. If the patient is injured or sick, the dispatching center will contact Central County Emergency 911 who then dispatches the appropriate emergency vehicles. Purchasing a 24/7 emergency assistance can give senior citizen homeowners and their families piece of mind knowing that emergency assistance is just the push of a button away.  If you have any questions regarding a 24/7 emergency assistance program, please contact the Lemay Fire Protection District at 314-631-4500.    

Welcome to the Lemay Fire Protection District

The Lemay Fire Protection District covers approximately 4.5 square miles of unincorporated St. Louis County and the City of Bella Villa with a population of about 17,000.