Mission and Philosophy Statements

Our Mission

“Seeking Opportunities to Serve”

To all who are threatened by the ravage of fire; whose lives are in peril and in need of rescuing; to all who are in need of medical attention; and to all who need our technical expertise; the members of the Lemay Fire Protection District stand in ready to serve and protect with strength, honor, integrity, and professionalism – even at the cost of our own lives.

Our Philosophy

“Complete Public Satisfaction”

The complete satisfaction of the public relative to our function is our most important consideration. Thus, we must constantly strive to maintain: high standards of training and study in our field of endeavor; the investigation of every facet of our emergency services; and an attitude of solicitous concern and attention toward all who call upon this Department in their time of need. We must continue the high standard of service to which the citizens have become accustomed. We will continue to develop a departmental personality that is courteous, helpful, friendly and efficient. Continually seeking opportunities to serve the people, who live, work, and visit in our District. We believe that because of our past endeavors toward these noble goals, we may claim a humble, yet enviable, position in our field – thus remaining “Justifiably Proud.”